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IN CONSTRUCTION: This wiki is still in its infancy, but will hopefully grow quickly. Presently it is still missing a solid structure, so if you want to contribute, please get in touch with the admin ( in order to decide where to add which type of information.



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What is the Drones4Nature Wiki?

Drones4Nature is a wiki with the mission to provide a place to collect and share any type of information related to drone-based applications in the environmental, conservation and forestry context.


This wiki was started by Patribus as a personal but public place to gather information about using drones in the forestry and conservation context. During a drone workshop held by him in Bogotá, Colombia, July 2016, participants requested the creation of an open community-based wiki dedicated to the use of drones for conservation and environmental applications. November 2016, a new version of the wiki, renamed to Drones4Nature, was launched at .

Your contribution

If you are a drone operator in the field of nature conservancy, environmental studies, forestry, etc., you are invited to participate in this wiki with your knowledge and experiences. Just create an account and start editing existing pages or create new articles. Please abide by the rules.

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For any questions you have, please write to